Join us for our annual Christmas shopping extravaganza.


This year our theme is fairy tales so come dressed as your favourite

(You don’t have to be under 10 to do this!)


Father Christmas will arrive in Cinderella’s coach at noon and then take
up residence in More Than Images for the afternoon. You can get your photograph
taken or just stop for a chat.


Our wonderful independent traders will be open for business and will
each represent a fairy tale.

Follow the trail to see how many you can identify.


We’ll also have lots of stalls around the town selling all manner of
goodies and the charities will be in the Regal Centre as usual.


Because we know you’ll all need sustenance there will be a food court in
St Martin’s Street where you can indulge in fabulously tasty, fresh, locally
produced food.


From roasted hog with dragonfire sauce to
barbecued gold corn on the cob there will be something to suit every discerning


If you’re thirsty, the Muddy Duckling Tavern will provide refreshment.


Be sure to stay for our surprise finale at 5.


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